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New This Week: seven Living spaces That Rethink the Fireplace Wall

Stun Dual

Designers: Emily Mackie and the team at Motivated Decorations
Location: Ravenswood community of Chicago
Size: 675 square feet (63 sq . meters); 25 by twenty-seven foot

Homeowners’ request. A space for entertaining visitors that would feel “atmospheric,Abstract Painting  trendy and grand, ” designer Emily Mackie says.

Fireplace wall. Two freestanding bar cabinets custom-made in Portugal. The exteriors are alternating panels of Africa wenge wood and leather. The interiors are shown, with glass shelves, internal lighting and recessing doors. Wall paint

was chosen to “create a moderate background for the couple’s amazing art collection to stand out, ”Abstract Art Mackie says. The walls and millwork are painted in Navajo White by Benjamin Moore.
Knockout Niche

Developer: Lisa Moody of Grapevine Designs
Location: Sunrise River, Langley, British Columbia,Oversized Canvas Art
North america
Size: 1, 000 sq . feet (93 square meters)

Homeowners’ request. “I work hard at uncovering how exactly the client desires to are now living in their rooms and how they want these to feel, ” designer Lisa Moody says. “These clients liked everything, so I helped them filter

their focus and we went with an appropriate Western european aesthetic with clean outlines. Then the homeowners really let me take the reins, which allowed myself to get creative. Their one request was to accommodate the massive


Fireplace wall. Indented entertainment space with natural white oak shelves.Abstract Art  Basic white tiled hearth that matches the wall color and extends to form a

shelf or bench seating. Unclad fireplace run after. The “simplicity of this fireplace is the reason why it so beautiful, ” Moody says.

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