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Balenciaga Triple S white green

Balenciaga sneakers mens black The Triple S was first shown in January 2017 and has yet to fade back in the Balenciaga hierarchy. Ultimately, designed by the house designer Demna Gvasalia, the sneaker has lead a revolution of the nostalgic trend of what is basely referred to as “dad shoes” or “ugly sneakers.” They are not Crocs either, although Balenciaga did have a pretty unflattering platform Croc rendition. With an exaggerated and jagged midsole and an almost abstract amalgamation of shapes on the body, the shoe has an initial shock factor.

Balenciaga sneakers blue grey Then looking closer, there is a worn nature on the leather and grunginess in the dirtied whites of the sole. Plus, the blue, red, and yellow color palette only add to the dated childishness perceived at first site.Nevertheless, Gvasalia contintued to push boundaries with this shoe, claiming a new territory that merged a hype sneaker world and chic high fashion world. The more the work of art that the Triple S is looked at, analyzed, and soaked in, the more settling it becomes to the eyes.

Balenciaga sneakers womens sale Maybe its some sort of psychological subliminal message that comes with a brand name as big as Balenciaga stitched to the shoe, something that overpowers the nonsense of a purposefully dirtied shoe and makes the whole thing aesthetically pleasing and highly desirable. The Triple S triggers the retrospect of shoes that cannot exactly be pointed to, yet holistically and reductionistically evokes innovation and experimentation worth appreciation.

Balenciaga Triple S white green Since releasing the sneaker for consumers in September 2017, with the primary color and grey palettes, Balenciaga continuously offers new color combinations for the sneaker. From 2017 to 2019, the shoe has yet to disappear from their website and instead multiplying in distinct choices. The company has been completely unafraid of expanding the brand of the Triple S with alterations in color and design. Black and red, pink, yellow, green, white on white, black on black, and even a recent mint green color scheme have kept the shoes refreshing.


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