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Porsche Design 1919 CHRONOTIMER BLACK & RUBBER Replica Watch 404690141

MB & F Legacy Machine Final Edition

Legacy Machine is one of MB & F's most popular watches.GRAHAM LONDON Chronofighter Vintage Replica watches, We are fascinated by their creative designs and stunning timepieces, but the abrasion resistance of LM makes it stand out. Sadly, we just learned that they are releasing their latest version, which brings the end of the series.

MB & F old machine
To this end, they proposed a special limited edition, which, unlike previous watches, was made of stainless steel. Because this metal is rarely used in watchmaking, it is very unique. With a dark brown dial and matching strap, it is also compared to the bittersweet celebration. MB & F compared the color with 85% chocolate, which contrasts sharply with the dial and case.

Six years have passed since the Legacy Machine was first introduced. During this period, about 435 watches have been manufactured. Now, the final version of Legacy Machine N ° 1 brings the LM1 series to an end. We would love to know that MB & F will be hiding under their sleeves in the near future.

The convention states that you should not attempt to repair undamaged content. Products that enjoy success and popularity should also enjoy longevity. The final version of LM1 was succumbed to traditional thinking. Just as the Legacy Machine series has gained more praise and motivation.replica swiss watches

As early as 2011, Legacy Machine N ° 1 introduced three unique technical features. To date, two of them continue to make the LM1 series unique. The film balance hanging on an arched bridge is the hallmark of the Legacy Machine series. The two time displays of the enamel are based on a single action. Both allow autonomous setup without reference to a fixed time zone. Then there is the vertical power reserve indicator, which provides intuitive, clear bucket wind readings. Combine traditional mechanisms that are actually placed in modern configurations.

MB & F chose a material in the last version of Legacy Machine N ° 1, and therefore chose steel over precious metals. The steel structure of the LM1 Ultimate Edition, as an important case material for high-end watchmaking, has recently been improved. The strength and long-lasting appeal of this series echoes the beauty of the LM1 engine.

The dark chocolate tone of the final version of LM1 is not the first instance of this color in MB & F creations. No matter when and where the MB & F collection is, the dark brown hue marks a special moment. Breaking the tradition and the final version of the traditional machine N ° 1 is no exception. The release of the last LM1 may be a bittersweet celebration for some, as this version is limited to 18 pieces. So, MB & F founder Maximilian Büsser identified it as 85% dark chocolate.high quality replica watches

Technical index

Size: 44 x 16mm

Three-dimensional watch movement developed by Jean-Fran?ois Mojon and Kari Voutilainen for MB & F
Winding the barrel manually
Power reserve: 45 hours
Customized 14mm flight balance visible at the top of the movement
279 parts / 23 jewels
The highest level of manual processing with respect for 19th-century style
Function / Indication

Hours and minutes; fully independent dual time zone display on two dials; unique vertical power reserve
The left crown is at 8 o'clock for setting the left dial time; the right crown at 4 o'clock is used for setting the right dial and winding time

Introduction – old and new MB & F machines, separate escapement or LM-SE

Recently, MB & F announced the final version of their most successful watch in the "traditional machine" series, which is the farewell version of the LM1 with a stainless steel case and brown dial to end its 6-year history. However, this watch is not intended to go to an end, because like Max Büsser and his friends, new watches may replace the LM1 (if any) in the mind of collectors and need to be replaced) ... The new MB & F LM SE-a traditional machine split escapement-is available directly in the market in 4 different versions, and its movement has some stories to tell.

Traditional machine family
From 2005 (beginning of the brand creation) to 2011, most of the watches created by MB & F are radical, unusual, and non-traditional watches with distinctive shapes and displays-HM1, HM2, HM3 and HM4 Go public. At that time. However, in 2011, Max Busser surprised friends and people with something completely new, which we could not have expected: Legacy Machine1. It's traditional, classic ... and round (of course, relatively speaking, we're still talking MB & F). The LM series came up with a new concept: what would happen if Max was born in 1867 instead of 1967? In the early 1900s, when the first watches came out, if he wanted to make a three-dimensional machine for his wrist, his inspiration would not be Star Wars, a spaceship or a fighter. But he does have pocket watches, the Eiffel Tower and Jules Verne. The answer is LM1. It must be round and must be gold and traditional during execution, but, due to MB & F requirements, it must have 3D design code.RICHARD MILLE RM 50-03 TOURBILLON MCLAREN F1

The first traditional machine LM1 gave some codes that later defined the entire LM series: a 3D concept with a large floating balance wheel supported by a hollow arched bracket with antique finishes, traditionally (and Is excellent) decorative movement, using traditional complications and clear steampunk inspiration. Later came the LM2 (with dual balance), LM101 (smaller, more elegant, and easier to use version) and LM Perpetual, the latter made by Stephen McDonnell, a brand new friend. Guess what, this man is back on the list of cooperation, because he is the person who developed this new Legacy Machine Split Escapement movement.

New MB & F LM SE-Legacy Split Escapement
With this new MB & F Legacy Machine Split Escapement, long-term collectors of the brand will not be disappointed, and the work the brand does is quite conservative-at least in terms of overall style and design. The full code for the series is still there, and the LM SE will immediately be considered a member of the Legacy Machine series. However, many small details have been updated so that wherever you look, you can see the novelty. Dial, case, movement, display, decoration ... in fact, almost everything is new or reshaped-the best part is that there are 4 different versions of this Legacy Machine Split Escape escapement Directly to the market.Hublot Mp 05 Ferrari 905.ND.0001.RX replica

In terms of its overall shape, this LM SE has not changed significantly. The round case with classic lugs is still 44mm, and the top is still made of highly domed sapphire crystal. Although the case itself feels thin, this is necessary considering the floating balance wheel. All 4 versions use the same 18k white gold case, but the surface finish is slightly updated compared to the rest of the LM1 series (this style was introduced in the final version of the LM1). The case is no longer completely brushed, but the top of the bezel and lugs are polished. The strap is horizontally brushed, and the sides of the lugs have a vertical brushed surface. No big deal, but overall more luxurious.

Go to the watch face and you can see the strongest evolution. First of all, the display is new, not only showing the time (12 o'clock) and power reserve (4 o'clock), but also the date function, which is very reasonable, which makes us think that MB & F Legacy Machine Split Escapement must be considered as the series "Daily Wearer", a mature, easy-going watch that combines with the usual bold design of LM watches. The manual date can be adjusted quickly and easily with the button next to the date button on the side of the case.Breitling AVENGER HURRICANE XB1210E4|BE89|257S|X20D.4

The dial is actually the main dial of the movement. Compared with other LM watches in the past, the dial also uses a different finishing style: the micro-textured "matte" finish is closely related to antique pocket watches. 18th and 19th centuries. MB & F first proposed this traditional technology in the LM101 "Frost" version. Previously, acid baths were used to achieve this effect, but modern methods of copying matte finishes include manually sanding metal surfaces with a wire brush.

The LM Collection's signature floating balance is still in the center of the dial, and organic arched balance bridges are found in LM Perpetual, LM101, or LM1 Final Edition (though not sharp cutout versions). The first is the LM watch, but a round, fully polished watch). This balance still beats at a slow frequency of 2.5Hz (18,000vph), letting you watch its ballet in slow motion, its diameter reaches 14mm. However, if you look closely, you will find that something is missing (more on this later-and you will understand why the name "Split Escapement" is used).

As mentioned earlier, MB & F Legacy Machine Split Escapement will be available in 4 versions. The best is not only the dial with color, but also the entire dial and bridge of the movement.Greubel Forsey replica watches

White gold with blue dial and rhodium-plated movement
White gold with ruthenium dial and movement
White gold, gold dial and movement
White gold with rose gold dial and movement

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