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I’m not a huge fan of planners

Hello! I plan to take you with us on our journey through high school. We are only beginning 6th grade this year but knowing that you are available when 9th grade comes is a huge relief and I’ve told all our homeschool moms in our group about you. Since you’ve said that middle school is preparation for high school Francis Coquelin Arsenal Jersey , I would love a planner for my daughter or myself that would get us in the mode of keeping track of the things we need to. Can you advise me on which company has the best or tell me what we should be keeping track of now that will help us later (and be great records for our BOE.) THANK FOR ALL YOU DO AND GOD BLESS!!!

I’m not a huge fan of planners. I’ve had clients with every sort of planner under the sun, and I’ve figured one thing out. None of them work on their own. You have to
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