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women's nike roshe one premium casual shoes


For runners of all standards, spring is the peak time for the sport and with the London Marathon taking place this Sunday, those taking part will be yearning for the comfort offered by the likes of women's nike roshe one premium casual shoes trainers, or alternatively the Free Run series which features the new Socfly. These popular Nike trainers have revolutionised the way athletic shoes feel to wear underfoot, designed to mimic the feel of a bare foot, a notion they set about achieving after discovering a group of American university athletes were starting to train on grass bare-footed.

From concept to construction, nike roshe womens white has been designed to channel energies and break down paradigms. Since Nike designer Dylan Raasch first began the design process back in 2010, the Roshe has continuously been innovated and adapted with the most modern technologies available to Nike. This is how the Roshe has become one of Nike’s most iconic shoes, through abstract ideas, focus and freedom. With the Roshe 2 on its way to our shelves (rumoured in 2016), we have decided to bring together the Roshe’s unique story.

nike roshe one men's casual shoe The shoe’s Zen inspiration shone through in its publicity run, or rather the lack thereof. The affordable sneaker was released without a promotional campaign: that means no press release, no flashy videos or short films, no celebrity endorsements. Nike let the product speak for itself.

The entire nike roshe one black and white project was an exercise in lean, minimal marketing and a case study in bypassing the hype cycle. The Roshe became both ubiquitous and effectively resale-proof, while still retaining an air of collectibility. On paper, the Roshe ticks many of the boxes that fashion-savvy consumers look out for.

‘Since I was young, I have practised meditation, so the concept of Zen and simplicity plays a big part in my life. The inspiration comes directly from the word nike men blue solid roshe one sneakers which is a title given to a Zen master, and to me, nothing epitomises simplicity better than a Zen master. From there, I designed the shoe to be as simple as possible, by keeping only what was absolutely necessary.’ - Dylan RaaschThis has always been at the core of the Roshe’s ideology, even as Nike have continued to unveil new hybrid iterations of the Roshe, the ethics behind the silhouette have always been at the heart of each adaptation.

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