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Los Angeles Lakers Winning Their 16th NBA Championship

Last week the Los Angeles Lakers won their 16th NBA championship. Again, they have won back-to-back NBA championships. For some, that may be a big deal. For some, it may be a great tragedy. For some, it does not even matter- in fact, it may be news to them that the Lakers won the NBA championship. Now, I am not a Laker fan (since I have been following the Sacramento Kings which won a NBA championship back when they were at Rochester, New York- but that is beside the point). But, I do respect their team work and tenacity to win LA Lakers championship rings when many experts believed that this was the Cleveland Cavaliers year. Back in the 80's, I was an avid follower of the Boston Celtics because of that core group of players which included Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Robert Parish, Danny Ainge, and the late Dennis Johnson. That Celtic team should have won even more but were hampered by injuries and tragedies. With that being said, the Boston Celtic won 17 NBA championships- one more than the Lakers. Next year should be an interesting year especially if the Lakers meet the Celtics again in the basketball championship. Now, what does the Lakers winning their 16th NBA championship last week have to do with losing weight?


Well, it may not matter on your weight loss program on how many LA Lakers championship rings for sale are won by the Lakers, the Celtics, or even the Kings have won. Your weight loss and physical fitness program matters (or should matter) more than what happens to those teams (or any team for that matter). You only have to win your one championship to become physically fit and lose weight. Then, you have to continue with your winning tradition (or habit) to maintain your championship self. The great thing about that is this: It does not matter how many games you lost in the past. It only matter if you are still in the game now to win on being at your physical best and to lose that weight (if you need to). You are not competing with an opponent like the Lakers, Celtics, or the Kings.

You are aligning yourself and your habits to eat properly, exercise regularly (and wisely), and to rest properly. Those are your habits that will make you win a championship. By the way, winning your championship matters much more than how many championships the Lakers win. You need to win one.

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