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Important Measurements for a Fantasy Laundry Area

As with kitchens, there are a number of considerations and dimensions to be familiar with during the planning stages for a multipurpose laundry room.Abstract Painting  Beneath are several functions you

might like to consider and some fundamentals for how to lay down everything out.
Traditional Laundry washing Room by Architectural Floor tile & Stone
Architectural Floor tile & Stone
This laundry room goes glamorous with its chandelier, bold cupboard color and prominent floor tile backsplash.Large Abstract Painting
The cabinet door on the lower left provides an opening for the family felines to care for business in their hidden litter box in a dignified way. The washing machine and dryer have already been elevated for easier access: The platform

sets them about 12 to 15 inches (30 to 38 centimeters) above the floor.

Take note: Conversions to metric sizes are approximately translated from standard U. S.Extra Large Contemporary Art  measurements. Each country can be unique in its

standards. Investigate the customs in your locale or work with a design pro before committing to a plan.
There are four major areas and functions of laundry rooms.
Entry and prep. If you use a laundry sink, you will probably want to place it where you your room and set down the what to be cleaned.Oversized Canvas Art
Here you can kind, apply fabric treatments and soak stains if necessary.
Washing. It is good to have a counter top where you can place your sorted loads before putting them in the washing machine.
Drying. You will also want another part of countertop for items that need to be line dried, as well as space to fold dried laundry.
Storage space and ironing. Following the typical sequence, you then need space to place things in preparation for ironing. (Note that ironing room may be less appealing in this room if you wish to watch TV while you iron, or if the dry

cleaner does a lot of your pressing. ) Folded ironing boards measure about 14 inches wide, sixty inches long and 3 inches thick (36 by 152 by 7 centimeters).
Nice extras. Of course, many people with large areas want to use their laundry room as a craft or sewing area, mudroom or dog cleaning station, in order to hide the litter boxes. These are incredibly specific to each of us; planning

spaces with a little extra room for the functions lets person habits dictate their use.

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