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The best case to keep your Pandora jewelry organized

pandora charms for sale, the Danish jewellery and accessories brand, has come up with the new Style collection for Mother's Day 2014 featuring an array of stylish charms, bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants, specially designed to be easily mixed and matched. The Style collection celebrates motherhood with a series of "poetic statement" pieces in precious metals — openwork silver, gold and pink-enamel heart charms, intricate lace-filigree jewellery sparkling with pavé-set cubic zirconia, and elegantly curved cubic zirconia rings and earrings with ladylike bows in sparkling stones. These beloved keepsakes unite traditional symbols of beauty and love with the modern ties of family.

To commemorate Mother's Day and express love and gratitude to all mums, Premiera Exquisite Jewellery has handpicked beautiful diamonds to create three special collections — Love, Estrella and Dawn — intended to symbolise the love that exists between a mother and her children. Every girl loves to accessorize with awesome jewelry. The problem is what to do with your full collections when you are not wearing it. Whether your necklaces are getting tangled, rings are disappearing or bracelets are turning color, you may be looking for a great way to keep it all organized.cheap pandora bracelets wholesale

We have the perfect jewelry case for you. It is also easy to lock up and store away so that you can feel secure that your jewelry is safe. The quilted fabric on the inside is not only beautiful, but it also keeps your silvers and other metals from tarnishing over the years. This embossed leather case has compartments for rings, earrings, and just about any piece of jewelry. Although its not an inexpensive piece, it is worth it to keep all of your important pieces safe and organized. Check out the video below to find out more about this gorgeous case to store your pandora rings outlets online jewelry!

You might not know Lele Sadoughi’s name but you know her look: A bold, graphic necklace (or three) layered over something casual, like a cashmere crewneck or chambray button down; colorful enamel; chunky chain link bracelets stacked high. Considering the recent trend toward delicate and dainty jewelry, Sadoughi’s aesthetic is defiantly more-is-more.

It’s a look she pioneered as the first jewelry design director at J. Crew (where she spent five years) and at Tory Burch before going off on her own. “Jewelry should be fun, ” Sadoughi tells us when we stop by her studio. “If you want to wear a big necklace with crystals and get that attention, you should! Fashion should not be intimidating, it should be fun and it should express your mood. ”wholesale pandora charms canada

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