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Sandy Malthus
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black high top converse

As Wade himself will admit, signing red converse with a Chinese sneaker brand might have opened himself up to a whole new world of opportunities, but it also presented some unique challenges that nobody else has to face.It really wasn t that popular in the 80 s. There were a few shoe companies that dominated all of basketball like Converse, adidas and Nike so I never really imagined having my own signature shoe until I was introduced to New Balance. I kind of deviated from the  big three  cause I was looking for something unique and was looking for a well-built shoe. I didn t really start thinking about the signature shoe until New Balance approached me about it.

No no, not at all. I wore Converse in college mostly and never really thought about where the company was located. It was just business as usual for me. M.L. Carr was actually the converse sale guy who brought me in. At the time he was a consultant with Jim Davis who was the owner of New Balance back in the 80s. They weren t really into basketball and considered themselves the  Mercedes Benz of running. I think New Balance went to M.L Carr converse womens and asked him who he thought would be a good player to bring in and since he is from North Carolina like me he told them that I was a player that they should consider. I am sure they were considering others but that is how I got started.

Converse consistently brings the heat with their Chuck Taylor All Star releases. The proof is in the pudding with the  Rubber collection and Animal Hi Pack.  Today we get a slight variation of the Chuck Taylor All Stars with the 70 s collection  as part of the  Polartec pack.And speaking white high top converse of music (both Mary J. and Kobe s, although one is clearly a step above the other ), what better way to kick off this series for real than with the commercial that set back rap about 50 years exemplified where rap was in pop culture during the 80s: a 1986 30-second ad for the Converse Weapons featuring some of the greatest NBA players of all-time.

A long time ago, Grandmama was poised to take over the NBA. Along with guys like Shaquille O Neal and Alonzo Mourning, Larry Johnson was going to be one of those players that was going to lead the league into the next millennium. Injuries and petty feuds insured things didn t go that way, but Johnson will always have a legacy of fun commercials and a golden tooth that we will never forget. Well, that and the Converse Aero Jam, which came back in 2013. It didn t have the REACT Juice or the jersey number on the shroud so it s not a perfect retro, but we ll take it with the hopes that future reissues will be done right.

He sat down with Kicks on Fire to talk about wearing sneakers and NOT collecting them& .Yes, the headline converse 2 is an NWA reference. Because when Brandon Brubaker compared his favorite kicks (the yet to be released Skytop 4 , pictured above) to  Express Yourself, well, that s too raw not to like. He joined Supra as VP of Design And Merchandising earlier this year but Brandon is no rookie to the sneaker game. His resume includes a career as senior designer at Vans in the mid 90s, a co-founder and VP of Design at 4CE/Militia and then Creative Recreation, plus a gig at Converse where he helped [img]http://www.groktechnologiesllc.com/images/shoes/converse 2-800zrk.jpg[/img] make Cons Skateboarding a megamillion brand. Yep, Brandon gets busy.

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