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nike air force 1 grey blue

nike trainers white mens The Nike Air Force 1 has been a staple for years in rotations across the world and it has evolved even more in the last few years. The has been a big year for Nike as they experiment with new looks, all-over branding, and collaborations galore. Now, Nike is releasing a special collection that goes beyond the casual wear that it’s so well known for and gets a utility upgrade with additions that we haven’t seen on the silhouette before.

nike trainers black 2019 Each shoe is highlighted with an inside-out label underneath the Swoosh of its quarter panel. A mini Swoosh logo with a TM trademark logo is also a new addition to the iconic model. Other new-look elements can be seen on this new design’s tongue and dubrae, as a contrasting Swoosh makes its presence known on the former while the word “AIR” replaces the latter’s metallic silver hardware.

nike trainers womens pink In 1982, the Air Force 1 arrived on the scene as one of the most innovative basketball shoes ever. The Bruce Kilgore design quickly transcended its original purpose and became a lifestyle favourite across the globe. This Air Force 1 comes with six Swoosh design options in bold colours that pop.

nike air force 1 grey blue The AF1 is also a bit of a tracing pattern for a ton of the basketball sneakers that would come after it. Equally as interesting as its performance background is the AF1’s influence on the streets and fashion. The shoe is a ubiquitous piece of footwear design that sneakerheads at any level can get into.


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