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Greubel Forsey Double Balancier red gold Replica Watch


GREUBEL and FORSEY create microscopic art in watches

Although greubel forsey replica watches is a nine-year-old watchmaking company, they have established a reputation for the luxury watch industry in a short period of time. Greubel Forsey has created some of the most popular and high-end watches, each one more complex than the previous one. The latest projects of Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey began in 2009 when they started the beneficial but long-term project they foreseen. The watchmaking team wants to be truly unique, so they work with contemporary top artists to combine watchmaking and visual art.

Greubel and Forsey met the artist Willard Wigan, who is known for creating the world's smallest sculptures, small enough to fit into the eye of a needle. Birmingham artist Wigan is truly committed to his work, creating microscopic sculptures and working to slow his heartbeat to avoid hand tremors. Greubel and Forsey have produced wonderfully complex watches that often have a variety of tourbillons, but now they can brag about their new project, called Art Piece 1, which has a microscopic sculpture inside. The sculpture of this piece will be attached to a rotating hemispherical structure on the side of the dial to view multiple sculptures. When the watch is facing the side, you can see the artwork inside the watch.

Art Piece 1 will mount a tiny optical lens on the crown to fully appreciate the sculpture. Only by using a magnifying glass can you appreciate the nano-characteristics of the Wigan micro-carving. The lens magnification in Art Piece 1 is 23 times, and its creation itself is a complex technical feat. Another challenge for Greubel Forsey exact replica watches and Wigan is to design this piece to ensure that there is enough natural light to clearly see the sculpture.

In a commentary to the project in 2012, Greubel Forsey said, “In the ongoing work, Art Piece 1 will present a micro-sculpture that can be fully appreciated through specially crafted optics. In art, innovation, In terms of architectural and technical complexity, the finished creation will be a veritable tour. “Only using a magnifying glass can you appreciate the nano-features of the Wigan micro-carving.

Greubel Forsey also decided to include their double tourbillon 30° tilt invention in Artwork 1. Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey presented the prototype of the Art Piece 1 project at the annual FIAC Contemporary Art Fair in Paris. Greubel is pointed out that these works are very unique and time consuming, and he hopes to produce only one or two unique watches each year. Due to its spectacular nature, this beautiful combination of art and timepieces will be on the expensive side. Still in the prototype stage, the full prediction of Artwork 1 will be completed by the end of 2013.

Greubel Forsey Art Piece 1 will feature a bold blue dial and a blue leather strap made of stainless steel. Although the finished product is not yet ready, it is clear that we have achieved the goal of making a unique work that was previously unimaginable in the field of art and timepiece work.skull richard mille watch

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