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30-11-2019 07:22:31


Now, Adidas Shoes Black Friday surfaced with a new multi-color knit upper that offers a similar color profile to of one of the most popular Ultra Boosts ever: KITH’s “Aspen” UB Mid. The new uncaged colorway uses the same burgundy, gold, and icy blue accents as the aforementioned “Aspen,” but spreads them more scarcely across a white base for a recognizable look — albiet one that’s still unique enough to stand on its own. The sock collar features a higher concentration of colors for an interesting layered look, and the shoe is then completed by a white heel counter with silver branding/a full-length white Boost midsole.

Adidas Shoes Black Friday 2019 will be releasing another “Multi-Color” iteration of the Ultra Boost Uncaged for the winter season. This Uncaged version of the adidas Ultra Boost features a Multi-Color knitted upper riding all the way up to its sock-like ankle collar. Light Grey laces and matching heel counter sits atop a clean White Boost midsole and rubber outsole.

Utilizing a crisp Collegiate Royal as this Adidas Shoes Cyber Monday Sale anchor, its embroidered star graphics – resemblant of the EU Flag – furthers an attempt to make this design immediately recognizable. Designed in line with Études aesthetic, this striking hue makes its way onto the brand’s projects with frequency, meant to champion a progressively strong Europe. Oft-preferred black BOOST soles match its heel cup, and insoles, while Études branding completes this look in numerous locations. In customary Consortium fashion, this offering’s tongue boasts co-branded tags that match its aforementioned stars while its laces opt for a black and blue flecked pattern.

Featuring Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Tech Ink trademark blue/grey color palette, the shoe offers a flecked design on the upper that starts with a medium blue on the toebox but fades to a darker ocean blue by the Ultra Boost Uncaged’s stretchy heel collar. A black heel tab features Parley branding for a pop of style, a straightforward black heel cage provides support and lockdown, and premium cushioning arrives courtesy of a white Boost midsole.